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Noah is no longer taking on new clients as a literary agent, but he has devoted decades of his life to giving back to the writing community and to helping aspiring writers in any way he can. To this end, he has produced audiobook editions of two of his bestselling books on the craft of writing (The First Five Pages and The Plot Thickens) solely for the sake of making them free and giving them back to help the writing community. Click below to listen to these two books for FREE! Enjoy!

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Noah also gives away for free his three books How to Write a Great Query Letter, How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent, and The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life, along with his book Ask a Literary Agent, a 100 page compendium of questions and answers from his former blog. He has heard back from countless authors over the years that his advice has made the difference in their becoming successful authors, and nothing gives him greater joy. Click below to download these four books for FREE!


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The new Apple Books for Authors site (launched in 2020), features Noah in several Apple videos offering writing and publishing advice. Please feel free to watch them for more helpful tips. While Noah does not have time to answer query letters and emails individually, please feel free to read (and listen to) his many free books and audiobooks. And if you would like him to speak to your writing group or university, if he has availability, then he will (for free—he does not accept any fees). Additionally, if you are suffering from any sort of hardship (and/ or if you serve in the military), please email Noah and let him know, and he will also send you all of his published books for free. Email him at Noah{AT} (replace the {AT} with an @ symbol). Additionally, as a way to give back, Noah chooses several emails each month to answer specific questions about getting published. He cannot answer every question, so we cannot guarantee a response, but if you have a publishing-related question (and if you have already read his free ebooks which answer most questions and still have a question), then email him at advice{AT} (replace the {AT} with an @ symbol).
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