by Jennifer Lee Carrell

:  Dutton

Pub Date:  Spring 2007

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description:
In the vein of THE DA VINCI CODE, a thriller about the race to find the lost play of Shakespeare, and to decode the identity of Shakespeare himself--all while people are being murdered with methods taken from Shakespeare's plays.


"Plot twists worthy of The Da Vinci Code dominate this agile first novel from Carrell (The Speckled Monster: A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox), a thriller involving a lost Shakespeare play, The History of Cardenio. On a June day in 2004, at London’s rebuilt Globe theater, Rosalind Howard, “flamboyantly eccentric Harvard Professor of Shakespeare,” gives her friend Katharine Stanley, who’s directing a production of Hamlet at the Globe, a small gold-wrapped box. That evening, a fire damages the Globe, where Roz is found murdered in the same manner as Hamlet’s father. Roz’s mysterious gift, which contains a Victorian mourning brooch decorated with flowers associated with Ophelia, propels Kate on a wild and wide-ranging quest that takes her to Utah; Arizona; Washington, D.C.; and back to London. Every step of the way, as the bodies pile up, Kate narrowly escapes becoming the next murder victim. From Shakespeare conferences to desert mines, from the present to the past, this spirited and action-packed novel delivers constant excitement. Foreign rights sold in 20 countries." --Publishers Weekly

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