The Black Hills Pioneer
(August 1999)

"Meyers: Author shares stories from little America"


Kent Meyers was born in Morgan, Minn., and grew up on a farm there. His father died when he was 16 and he and his brothers operated the family farm until it was sold. This helps him understand the farming situations, as is revealed in some of the stories. Meyers went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota and Morris and received his Masters Degree at Washington State in Pullman, Wash. He began writing immediately after graduate school and tries to write about three hours a day, getting up about 5 a.m. to do so.

"I try to write about two pages a day," he said. "(I) am now working on a novel based in South Dakota."

He and his wife, Zindie, and three children, Derck, Lauren and Jordan, moved to Spearfish when he began teaching English Literature and writing classes at Black Hills State University.

Meyers had submitted a number of stories to various publications including the Georgia Review, Southern Review, Crazy Horse as well as an anthology in the Best of the West. Two different publishers read his story in the Georgia Review and called about it.

He submitted 15 essays to the University of Minnesota Publishing and they suggested he unify and write them.

"Three different publishing houses are handling my work," Meyerssaid. "I do have an agent, Noah Lukeman. They have so many more contacts to get through to an actual editor and an agent is better able to protect your interests and deal with contracts--that is a mystery word to me," Meyers explained.

"Editors receive so many manuscripts with so little time to read through them that an agent is really a help," he continued.

Meyers received the Minnesota Book Award and the Friends of American Writers Award as well as fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Dakota Arts Council.

Local readers will be interested in knowing that the author of the book, "Light in the Crossing," lives in Spearfish. His other publications include the novel, "The River Warren" and the collection of essays, "The Witness of Combines."


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