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Hackman Payback large.jpg (916769 bytes) * PAYBACK AT MORNING PEAK
by Gene Hackman
The first solely-authored novel by Academy Award winning actor and critically-acclaimed author Gene Hackman, this is a brilliant and moving Western, a tale of coming of age, and a story of vengeance.

by Sean McCabe 
The first book in
a major new vampire-thriller series, by an internationally bestselling author. This book has already topped the bestseller lists in the UK.


Jagger Lawyer Trap.jpg (319603 bytes) * LAWYER TRAP
by RJ Jagger
Newly-licensed attorney Aspen Wilde joins Denver’s largest law firm to discover that an attractive, up-and-coming associate mysteriously vanished several months earlier and is presumed dead. She secretly embarks upon a brilliant but dangerous plan to trap the killer only to find herself increasingly intertwined in a complex web of murders involving several different women killed in very different ways. As she frantically searches for answers, not only to trap the killer but also to keep herself from getting trapped, her hunt collides with the ongoing investigation of Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger, a man who has strayed into the edgy world of a beautiful suspect to find out if she is a murderer, a target, or something else altogether.With the stakes suddenly higher than they could have imagined, Aspen and Teffinger find themselves spiraling deeper and deeper into a deadly vortex where nothing is as it seems and time is running out. "Lawyer Trap is a terrifying, gripping cross between James Patterson and John Grisham. Jagger has created a truly killer thriller." -- J.A. Konrath

Henson Deed to Death.jpg (198283 bytes)
by D.B. Henson
D.B. Henson's self-published Kindle bestseller (and Kindle "customer favorite") DEED TO DEATH, featuring a successful young Nashville real estate agent who, in the aftermath of having to bury her fiancé on their wedding day, is determined to prove the police's suicide theory wrong and soon uncovers a deadly web of lies.

Defeo CallingMrKing jacket.jpg (1011858 bytes) * CALLING MR. KING
by Ronald DeFeo
A brilliant debut novel about a hitman having a breakdown. Set in London, Paris, Barcelona and New York.

Rice Turned.jpg (190946 bytes) * THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS
by Morgan Rice 
This Amazon best-selling series "rivals TWILIGHT and the VAMPIRE DIARIES"- vampirebooksite.com

carrell-interred.jpg (31445 bytes)
by Jennifer Lee Carrell  
In the vein of THE DA VINCI CODE, a thriller about the race to find the lost play of Shakespeare, and to decode the identity of Shakespeare himself--all while people are being murdered with methods taken from Shakespeare's plays. A New York Times Bestseller.

Skye Allegra Saved.jpg (219327 bytes)* SAVED (Book #1 in the SHADOW VAMPIRES SERIES)
by Allegra Skye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                An exciting new vampire series about twin sisters and the accident that changes their lives forever. 

* HAUNT ME STILL by Jennifer Lee Carrell
by Jennifer Lee Carrell
The highly anticipated follow up to her international bestseller INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES, this thriller weaves a tale of conspiracy and intrigue around the legendary curse of Macbeth throughout the ages. A #9 Sunday Times Bestseller.

Chaon Stay Awake.jpg (293060 bytes) * STAY AWAKE
by Dan Chaon
A new story collection by National Book Award finalist and critically-acclaimed novelist Dan Chaon
, featuring a series of dramatic stories that would be tailor-made for the big screen.

chaon--await.jpg (36971 bytes)
by Dan Chaon
The New York Times Bestselling second novel by National Book Award Finalist Dan Chaon.

You Remind.jpg (43502 bytes)  * YOU REMIND ME OF ME
by Dan Chaon
The first novel by New York Times Bestseller and National Book Award Finalist Dan Chaon.

among2.gif (23506 bytes)  * AMONG THE MISSING
by Dan Chaon
2001 National Book Award Finalist. The most talked about story collection of the decade.  One of the stories already under option.

by Dan Chaon
The debut story collection by New York Times Bestseller and National Book Award Finalist Dan Chaon.

* THE AGE OF DECEPTION: Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times
by Mohamed ElBaradei
The first memoir by the Nobel Peace Prize winning head of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Skye Jaden Death by Honeymoon.jpg (298057 bytes) * DEATH BY HONEYMOON
by Jaden Skye  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This romantic thriller is the first novel in Skye's Caribbean Murder Series.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

wpe50.jpg (28619 bytes)  * TWISTED TREE
by Kent Meyers
A critically-acclaimed new novel by PEN/West finalist, NEA award-winner, New York Times Notable novelist and essayist Kent Meyers. From People magazine (October, 2009): “Opening this beautifully lyrical novel with one of the tensest, most harrowing first chapters in recent memory, Meyers grabs the reader and never lets go. A serial killer who preys on anorexic young women has set his sights on 20-year-old Hayley Jo Zimmerman
....Meyers then tells intimate stories of those connected to Hayley Jo in the tiny, desolate town of Twisted Tree, South Dakota....Once you enter Twisted Tree, you’ll be spellbound.” 

wpe31.jpg (19494 bytes)  * THE OUTFIT
by Gus Russo
#1 bestseller in Chicago,

anarchist.approved.jpg (196881 bytes)  * THE ANARCHIST
by John Smolens
A riveting historical thriller, the first novel to dramatize the historic assassination of President McKinley in 1901. By the critically- acclaimed novelist and current head of the MFA program at Northern Michigan.

by Joe Jackson
The untold, riveting story of five weeks in history in which there was a deadly competition to be the first to cross the Atlantic in solo flight. A suspenseful story of competition, intrigue, betrayal, accidents, national pride--and of the underdog, Charles Lindbergh--Atlantic Fever sheds an entirely new light on Charles Lindbergh's flight, and on world history.

hackman escape.jpg (747489 bytes)  * ESCAPE FROM ANDERSONVILLE
by Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
A new novel by the critically-acclaimed writing team of Mr. Hackman and Mr. Lenihan, a thoroughly researched civil war novel centering around an escape from the notorious Andersonville prison camp..

lukeman-m2.jpg (46895 bytes)  * THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH, PART II
by Noah Lukeman
Ambition, Betrayal, Murder...In 1610, The Tragedy of Macbeth was first performed. 400 years later: the sequel. An original play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Part II picks up where Shakespeare's Macbeth left off, imagining a resolution to the witches’ original prophecy that “the seed of Banquo” will become kings. Written in blank verse, adhering to the traditional Shakespearean five-act structure, it is executed in the form of what would be a faithful sequel. Critically-acclaimed.

myerson valley.jpg (87300 bytes)  * IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS
by Daniel Myerson
A major new book on the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the passion of archaeologist Howard Carter, and the supposed "curse" that befell its discoverers.

15tolife.jpg (179224 bytes)  * 15 TO LIFE
by Anthony Papa with Jennifer Wynn
True life Birdman of Alcatraz/Shawshank Redemption story. Tony Papa does 12 years of hard time in the notorious Sing-Sing for passing 3 ounces of cocaine. He takes up painting and paints his way out of prison. There have been many offers over the years for his life rights.

quinlan--takedown.jpg (356179 bytes)  * THE TAKEDOWN
by Patrick Quinlan
An action-packed crime thriller by international sensation Patrick Quinlan. As the UK Observer writes, "Patrick Quinlan is about as good an heir to Elmore Leonard as you're going to get."

Drop Off pb.jpg (150336 bytes)  * THE DROP OFF
by Patrick Quinlan
An action-packed crime thriller by international sensation Patrick Quinlan. As the UK Observer writes, "Patrick Quinlan is about as good an heir to Elmore Leonard as you're going to get."

quinlan hit.jpg (60943 bytes)  * THE HIT
by Patrick Quinlan
An action-packed crime thriller by international sensation Patrick Quinlan. As the UK Observer writes, "Patrick Quinlan is about as good an heir to Elmore Leonard as you're going to get."

wpe2E.jpg (37945 bytes)  * SMOKED
by Patrick Quinlan
In the vein of Elmore Leonard comes an action-packed crime thriller set in Portland, Maine.  Smoke Dugan, an aging bomb-maker, is on the run.  His old associates have tracked him down, and now he needs to evade them, rescue his girlfriend, and use all his wits, one last time, to make it out alive.  This first novel heralds the debut of a major new writer.

american_son.jpg (30402 bytes)  * AMERICAN SON
by Brian Ascalon Roley
Two filipino brothers growing up in the gang-infested inner city of Los Angeles. Finalist for the prestigious 2001 Pacific Rim Prize. A Filipino American History X

justice_gene.jpg (92797 bytes)  * JUSTICE FOR NONE
by Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
A new novel by the critically-acclaimed writing team of Mr. Hackman and Mr. Lenihan, tells the story of a murder in Vermillion, Illinois in the 1920s, of a man wrongly accused, of his flight from the law, and of his search for justice.  A character-driven, highly atmospheric murder/courtroom suspense story, with strong racial undertones and set against the stock market crash, it is perhaps best described as a cross between Anatmony of a Murder and The Defiant Ones.

wpe3C.jpg (19159 bytes) * WAKE OF THE PERDIDO STAR
by Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
In the vein of Patrick O'Brian's MASTER AND COMMANDER, a riveting historical saga set on the ocean in the 1800s.  Mutiny, shipwreck, survival, the quest for revenge, and the coming of age of an 18 year old boy make for a yarn of epic proportions.  A critically-acclaimed page turner, already translated into several languages.

Verne-GoldenVolcanoFPO.jpg (316562 bytes)  * THE GOLDEN VOLCANO
by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language.  Set in Canada in the midst of the Gold Rush, tells the story of two cousins who are left an inheritance:  the claim to a gold mine, which may be worth nothing or may make them rich.  They decide to excavate, and thus their adventures begin.

Verne-front.jpg (589921 bytes)  * THE METEOR HUNT
by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language.  Tells the humorous and fantastical story of a rivalry between two amateur astronomers as they each try to seize a sphere of gold which has appeared in space.

wpe40.jpg (31123 bytes)  * THE LIGHTHOUSE AT THE END OF THE WORLD
by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language. On an Island on the southernmost tip of South America a lighthouse is built and three men are left behind to tend it.  Two are murdered by pirates, and against all odds, the remaining man must survive on the island until help arrives.

wpe64.jpg (19465 bytes) * THE SECRET OF WILHELM STORITZ
by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language.  Set in Europe in the 1800s, a spurned scientist concocts a potion to make his would-be lover invisible, and thus win her back for himself.  But it might be too late to turn back what's already set in motion.

by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language. Set among the islands at the southern tip of South America, Verne follows the exploits of Kaw-djer, a European whose rallying cry is "Neither God nor master!" When Chile takes possession of the remaining free islands, he contemplates suicide, but is deterred by the need to save a large group of shipwrecked pioneers. A powerful portrayal of a man seeking the last unsettled corner of the earth.

by Jules Verne
A major publishing event:  The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published as it was meant to be for the first time in the English language.  Taking place in 1860, tells the story of an hungarian fisherman who catches an impressively big fish and wins the most important fishing contest of the time. Consequently, he boasts he can travel all along the 2800-km Danube, from Austria till the Black Sea, aboard his small boat.  His adventures and travails follow.  Full of plot twists, and permeated by a beautiful description of the Danube.

MileDown.sized.jpg (103505 bytes)  * A MILE DOWN
by David Vann
An American travels to Turkey to fulfill his dream of building a boat and sailing the world.  But he is lured in by the Turks and soon finds himself $500,000 in debt, and worse, deep at sea in a boat which is falling apart.  A MILE DOWN tells the story of his travails in trying to stay alive, save his boat, fight the sea, the elements, his debtors and one calamity after another, as he tries to follow in his father's footsteps.  Reminiscent of A MIDNIGHT EXPRESS.

jackson THIEF.jpg (24989 bytes)  * THE THIEF AT THE END OF THE WORLD
by Joe Jackson
A riveting narrative of the true story of Henry Wickham, a reckless Victorian adventurer who went deep into the malaria-filled jungles of the Amazon and risked disease, death, and the loss of his entire family to grow rich in that contemporary El Dorado, the rubber trade. He failed, but in his despair agreed with the powers in London to raid the Amazon's most treasured possession -- its supply of Hevea brasiliensis, the valued source of "India-rubber" which grew nowhere else in the world. His unlikely success of smuggling 70,000 seeds to London changed the world economy, bankrupting Brazil, handing the world monopoly in rubber to the British Empire, and turning the U.S. against the U.K. just as the American automobile revolution envisioned a world dominion of its own.

linguist.jpg (27916 bytes)  * THE LINGUIST AND THE EMPEROR
by Daniel Myerson
Incredible true story of the historical search and discovery of the Rosetta Stone, which unlocked the key for understanding all ancient civilization. At its center are Napoleon, who funds the search, and Champollion, a boy who speaks 12 languages at age 6 and would eventually make the discovery. Major six figure advance from Random House. Ancient Egypt is hot right now (The Mummy).

wpe42.jpg (13934 bytes)  * COLD
by John Smolens
Fargo-esque novel about a prison breakout and cat-and-mouse chase, set in the little-known terrain of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

wpe44.jpg (22530 bytes)  * LEAVENWORTH TRAIN
by Joe Jackson
Edgar Award Finalist 2002.  True story of the incredible escape and breakout from Leavenworth Penitentiary in the early 1900s, and of the nearly 40 years the lead convict, Frank Grigware, spends on the run before being caught. By the Pulitzer-Prize nominated author of Dead Run. Many excellent reviews.

wpe46.jpg (22238 bytes)  * THE LOST NIGHT
by Rachel Howard
When Rachel Howard was a child, she witnessed her father's murder before her eyes.   Now, 20 years later, she struggles to piece together the clues of her past, and to finally find her father's murderer and bring him to justice.  A true story.
  In the vein of Ellroy's My Dark Places.

meyers.jpg (53958 bytes)  * THE WORK OF WOLVES
by Kent Meyers
A new novel by the critically-acclaimed author of The River Warren, tells the story of a young horse-trainer with an uncanny knack of understanding horses, and his illicit love affair with the woman he trains, the wife of a powerful rancher.  Set in the West, with a strong presence of Native Americans, it might be thought of as a more profound, more literate Horse Whisperer.

wpe48.jpg (13230 bytes)  * INVISIBLE WORLD
by John Smolens
New novel by John Smolens (Cold), centering around a son's (30s) search for his invisible, perhaps CIA father.

wpe4A.jpg (18486 bytes)  * DEAD RUN
by Joe Jackson and William Burke
True story of the only mass escape from death row in the history of the United States—and from the most secure penitentiary. Six men escape together and are on the run for 19 days. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Dozens of excellent reviews. Optioned by HBO. (option has lapsed)

wpe4C.jpg (21539 bytes)  * THE WISDOM OF FORGIVENESS
by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan
A major new book by the Dalai Lama. Tells the story of the first ethnic Chinese to be granted an audience with him, and of their three years traveling together. Tuesdays With Morrie with the world’s most beloved religious leader. In the vein of Kundun, The Last Emperor, or 7 Years in Tibet.

SpeckledSmall.jpg (74967 bytes)  * THE SPECKLED MONSTER
by Jennifer Lee Carrell
True, historical story of the courageous, pioneering woman--Lady Mary Wortley Montagu—who traveled to Turkey in the 1700s and discovered the notion of Smallpox innoculation. She proves herself correct in the face of the establishment and at her childrens’ own risk and saves all of Europe from Smallpox. Won in a major six figure deal, in a heated auction.  Will be a major bestseller.

wpe4E.jpg (26218 bytes)  * A FURNACE AFLOAT
by Joe Jackson
In the vein of the Mutiny on the Bounty and the bestseller (and hit TV movie) In the Heart of the Sea comes the true story of the 1866 survivors of the clipper ship Hornet, who barely lived for 43 days on ten days’ rations and shoe leather, who drifted 4,000 miles in a single lifeboat as they all slowly weakened and became delirious or mad. A miraculous story of shipwreck, survival, sharks, whirlpools, cannibalism, mutiny, hallucinations, near-rescues, and 43 days of man against nature. One of the three great shipwreck stories of all time.

wpe52.jpg (13164 bytes)  * HAVE YOU SEEN ME?
by Laura Denham
First novel about a girl’s exploits in the sex industry in San Francisco. Beautifully written. Based on a true story. A darker Pretty Woman.

wpe54.jpg (29762 bytes)  * THE END OF MISS KIND
by Donald Rawley
Classy murder mystery set in Los Angeles. Beautifully written novella. Excellent reviews.

wpe56.jpg (25575 bytes)  * THE EXPENDABLE MAN
by Margaret Edds
The true story of the 20 year saga of Earl Washington, Jr., only the 8th prisoner on Death Row to be set free due to DNA evidence. Heartbreaking story of a poor, black, mentally-retarded man who does 20 years time for no reason, and how a team of lawyers and DNA saves him. We have exclusive life rights. Think Dead Man Walking meets To Kill a Mockingbird.

wpe58.jpg (26072 bytes)  * GUNBALL HILL
by Ellen Cooney
A new novel by the renowned teacher of fiction at Harvard and MIT, it is a sweeping epic of the Revolutionary War, people with strong female characters.  Unlike The Patriot, the story is set where it should be--the Northeast.

wpe5A.jpg (28508 bytes)  * A PRIVATE HOTEL FOR GENTLE LADIES
by Ellen Cooney
A new novel by the renowned teacher of fiction at Harvard and MIT, it tells the story of a male brothel in Boston in the late 1800s.

wpe5C.jpg (27993 bytes)  * GANGSTERS AND GOODFELLAS
by Henry Hill as told to Gus Russo
After 25 years comes the sequel to the Academy Award winning classic Goodfellas.

by Joe Jackson
From the six time Pulitzer Prize nominee and Edgar Award Finalist comes a picaresque novel of social realism set in the 1960s south, which draws its themes from the wanderings of Appalachian migrants, the Tennessee Valley Authority, cockfighting rituals, the Bay of Pigs, the Freedom Rides, and restless youth of the early 60s.

Smolens Schoolmaster.jpg (934487 bytes)  * THE SCHOOLMASTER'S DAUGHTER
by John Smolens
A historical novel set in Boston in the midst of the Revolutionary War, this brilliant work tells the story (based on history) of a family divided, half loyal to the Crown and half to the Colonies.

by Kent Meyers
A brilliant new novel by critically-acclaimed literary novelist Kent Meyers, about teenage boys involved in a tragic accident, and how the ramifications of this affect their entire lives

by Terrie Williams, Ph.D.
In the vein of MARLEY AND ME, a memoir by a scientist (named of the top 50 Female Scientists in the World) who is assigned to take care of a seal--KP2--with a quirky and larger than life personality--and how the seal's presence changes everyone he meets




Glory,Pasion,Principle.jpg (68112 bytes)  * GLORY, PASSION AND PRINCIPLE
by Melissa Lukeman Bohrer
Tells the little-known story of eight remarkable women who helped found and form the country that is America today, women as important in their own way as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, but completely overlooked in the annals of history.  Could be great mini-series.

wpe60.jpg (30065 bytes)  * INSIDE CENTCOM
by Lieutenant General Michael "Rifle" DeLong with Noah Lukeman
A definitive behind the scenes of our country at war, from the military perspective of  Tommy Franks' #2 commanding General.  It offers a behind the scenes look at the planning and execution of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and sheds light on top administration officials in a warlike situation, including George Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush.

wpe62.jpg (32038 bytes)  * BLOOD AND SPLENDOR
by Daniel Myerson
Profiles of the lives of five tyrants: Nero, Mussolini, Hitler, Saddam Hussein. Information never seen before. Lively stories. Could be great mini-series.

wpe64.jpg (21643 bytes)  * SUBMERGED
by Daniel Lenihan
Founder and Chief of the United States National Park Service’s elite Underwater team. Has been the subject of many documentaries on ABC, CNN, Discovery, History, etc.  An underwater Indiana Jones. 

wpe66.jpg (21058 bytes)  * IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE
by Andrew Goliszek, Ph.D.
From the US government injecting its citizens with Plutonium to Japanese planes filled with fleas infected with Bubonic plague, the true story of the horrifying history of human experimentation.

wpe68.jpg (22911 bytes)  * THE FORGOTTEN STORM
by Wallace Akin
True story of the worst tornado in US history—the Great Tri-State Tornado of the 1920s, which picked the author up and carried him (and his house) away. Think Twister.

 * MAGNIFICENT ENEMIES: Frederick Law Olmstead, Richard Morris Hunt, and the Epic Rivalry Behind the Birth of American Architectures
by David Lowe
The true story of two rivals, the birth of American architecture, and the epic projects--such as the Washington, D.C. Mall and Central Park--which were born from it.

by Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Hallman, Jr.
A collection of true, incredible stories of people who turned to God at the lowest point in their lives and received a miraculous redemption.



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