A Woman's Guide to Choosing and Training a Dog
by Babette Haggerty

Publisher:  Contemporary

Pub Date:  Fall 2003

Format:   Trade Paperback original

Brief Description
The first major book on dog training geared exclusively for the pressing issues of women.



J a c k e t   A r t

T o   C o m e







Full Description
Women account for 86% of owner attendance at dog training schools throughout the country. Women buy more books than men. Yet, among dog training books, there is not one which addresses the challenges unique to them.
          There are fundamental differences between men and women, problems women have with dogs that men do not. It is time for them to have their specific needs and challenges addressed. A WOMANíS BEST FRIEND will be the definitive book on the subject.
          Babette Haggerty has been billed "The Miss Porter of Dogs" and "Palm Beachís Favorite Dog Trainer." She has been featured on television, radio, in newspapers, and as a keynote speaker at several dog-affiliated conventions, and has written for a variety of dog and pet magazines. She has trained the dogs of well known Palm Beachers, such as the DuPonts, the Mellons, sportscaster Curt Gowdy, the family of Michael Bolton, and many others, including the CEOs of large corporations like Slim-Fastís philanthropic CEO Daniel Abraham. One of her most famous students, a Golden Retriever named Cali, was featured in Vanity Fair. Owned by Jack Nicklaus, Cali, when asked, will bark the amount of times Jack has won each major tournament.

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