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by Gene Hackman & Daniel Lenihan

Publisher:  Newmarket Press

Pub Date:  November 99

Format:  Hardcover

Description:  A historical adventure saga set on the sea in the early 1800s.  It follows the dark coming of age of a youth who sets out to avenge his parents murder and becomes a man at sea. Filled with shipwrecks, fierce storms and hair-raising action sequences, a compelling read from start to finish.

Review and Endorsement Highlights

"A swashbuckling sea story written like a classic sea story should be written, with all the legendary action. A fascinating read you can't help but enjoy."
--Clive Cussler 

"Hackman and Lenihan bring a fresh perspective and lots of gung-ho enthusiasm to the historical maritime genre...the action throughout is fast-paced and exciting, sometimes surprising, and all of it drenched in salt water and realistic descriptions of the period's seamanship, underwater salvage operations and deep-sea diving...The novel's descriptions of the sailors' battle with the winds and waves are breathtakingly realistic....Fun. "
-- Cleveland Plain Dealer, December 5, 1999 

"The sea has always been a good setting for adventures; from Joseph Conrad to Patrick O'Brian, there has been no shortage of stories about shipwrecks and pirates. An unexpected addition to the genre comes from actor Hackman and underwater archaeologist Lenihan. [Jack O'Reilly's] adventures [are] always entertaining...Readers will absorb some arcane information [on] the 19th-century version of scuba diving. The characterization is well-done; Jack and his intellectual friend Paul are joined by an interesting, well-drawn cast of both friends and villains. Recommended. "
-- Library Journal 

"Lenihan's extensive knowledge and deep love of the sea coupled with Hackman's uncanny ability to breathe life into characters make Wake of the Perdido Star a knockout of a first novel. "
-- Nevada Barr, author of Blind Descent 

"An intriguing coming-of-age adventure full of information about early 19th-century diving, salvage and piracy...The authors do a fine job of blinding historical and technical details into their narrative. Of particular interest are sections—including a well-constructed, exciting ending—in which the crew of the Star must learn to accomplish takes modern sailors take for granted: how to stay under water for more than five minutes without drowning and how to refloat a sunken ship."
-- Publishers Weekly, September 6, 1999 

"In Wake of the Perdido Star, Jack O'Reilly leads a memorable crew of characters on an astonishing globe-circling adventure. Hackman and Lenihan have crafted an epic tale of honor and betrayal, of revenge and hope, and ultimately justice and redemption. "
--Tom Grace, author of Spyder Web 

"An American swashbuckler [with] satisfying action and rousing derring-do. "
-- Kirkus Reviews 

"A stirring yarn, filled with heroes and villains who are larger than life, with a knowledge of seamanship and the diving technology and physiology of the day that equals the great sea writers who have set the standard. "
-- Arthur J. Bachrach, Ph.D.
Historical diving expert; contributor to The British Museum Encyclopaedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology 

"A rousing good tale...the action explodes off the pages...It's rare to find good action backed by solid research and knowledge of the sea. "
-- James Delgado, President, Council of American Maritime Museums 

"It's what booksellers like to call a page-turner, a corker, a cracking good yarn."
-- Associated Press, December 6, 1999 

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