by Beth Goldner

Publisher:  Counterpoint

Pub Date:  Summer 2003

Format:  Hardcover

A debut story collection, the first of a two book deal. 
Revolving mainly around the dark side of relationships of women—especially sisters—in their 30s, each story weighs in as strongly as the next.  Rarely does a debut come along with such depth or mastery of prose.



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Review Highlights:
"Readable and fast-paced, sprinkled with lit school in-jokes, 
these 11 coming-of-age tales -- from various stages of life -- wander through the events and introspections of people desperately seeking to be less alone. Voicey newcomer Goldner sets up situation comedy esoterically."

"These crystal-clear vignettes linger with the reader long after the last story in this honest and introspective collection has been read."

"The author proves herself to be uncommonly perceptive about matters of love and loss."
--The New York Times Book Review

Narrated in the first person, these imaginative, briskly paced short stories are slices of life, episodic in nature and relying heavily on flashback....Goldner's literary voice is fresh and vibrant. She creates Some memorable, quirky characters...they are honest and believable, touching and funny. Her first book is recommended for public and academic libraries.
--Library Journal

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