by the New York Transit Museum

Publisher:  Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Pub Date:  Fall, 2004

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description
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An official book of the MTA, the first book to chronicle the 100 years of style of the Manhattan subway system.

* Winner of the New York City Book Award

Review Highlights:
"This fascinating, smartly executed volume should intrigue and entertain anyone with affection for New York City's "amazingly complex, largely uncelebrated environment," in the words of critic Giovannini.…A marvelous chapter traces the evolution of subway maps…There's much delight in the old: metal grillwork from the 1930s, the three-dimensional ceramic at Brooklyn's Borough Hall station. There are also stirring signs of the new: freshly commissioned tile mosaics in Chinatown; a restored 1904 station house at 72nd Street and its respectful but better-fed newly built cousin across Verdi Square; funky cast-bronze sculptures at 14th Street….This book reminds us that the achievement of the subway, even today, is to function under pressure, above ground and below, with unexpected elements of artistry and grace."
--Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)

World Rights:  STC

Dramatic RightsContact Lukeman

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