by Gary Goldschneider

Publisher:  Riverhead

Pub Date:  June, 2004

Format:   Trade paperback original

Brief Description
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From the
#1 astrologer in the world and author of the Internationally Bestselling SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS series (over 2 million copies in print), comes a major new book on how to use the astrology of luck to optimize your life.

Foreign Sales
* Holland
* Italy
* Serbia
* Spain



Full Description
THE BOOK OF LUCK will show readers how their birth week can be used as an accurate guide to promoting their own good fortune in all areas of life and at all times. In addition, the book can be used as a general guide to living, providing specific information on turning fortune in their favor during each week of the year, based on Gary Goldschneiderís unique system of 48 personology periods (each lasting from 6 Ė 8 days). An understanding of the position of the planet Jupiter in the personology cycle at the readerís birth and this planetís position at any other given period of time in their lives can allow them to take advantage of auspicious moments and thereby achieve phenomenal success.

Foreign Sales
:   Holland

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