by Buddy Giovinazzo

Publisher:  No Exit Press (UK)

Pub Date:  Spring 2004

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description
A dark, violent novel about a criminal organization in Berlin, and two thugs who are called from America to complete a bloody job.  When things go awry, they find themselves thrown deeper into a world of violence, drugs, sex and an illicit Berlin underworld.
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Full Description
            POTSDAMER PLOTZ tells the story of two thugs, part of a criminal organization, who are sent to Berlin to assassinate rival gang members. As they do their work, they become enticed by beautiful women, become enmeshed in the gang world and politics of Berlin mafia, and encounter a ruthless violence to rival their own. As the stakes escalate, so does our protagonistís crisis of conscience, and soon he finds himself trapped in a world he cannot escape. Action-packed, sexy, POTSDAMER PLOTZ can be thought of as something like a True Romance set in Berlin, albeit with a much darker, grittier edge.
          Buddy Giovinazzo is a rising Hollywood star in his own right. He is a major director (No Way Home starring Tim Roth and Deborah Unger), and is shooting a new film right now. Also a genuine novelist, he has published two literary novels with Thunders Mouth Press. This is his commercial debut.

Foreign Sales
:    UK (No Exit Press)
                              Italy (Meridian Zero)

World Rights
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Dramatic Rights:  Already under option (contact CAA)

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