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by Ellen Cooney

Publisher:  Coffee House Press

Pub Date:  September 99

Format:  Hardcover

Description:  The new novel by the renowned teacher of fiction at Harvard and MIT, with frequent publications in The New Yorker.

"The Old Ballerina is an enchanting book about masters and pupils, real life and the imagined life, and what it means to dance.  At the center of this fresh and charming novel stands the goddess, Mr.s Kamsky, the old ballerina to die for."
                                                    --Jane Hamilton

Review Highlights:
"This remarkably talented author writes in a refined, understated prose that captures the spontaneity of adolescent dialogue in an eloquent, often brilliant narrative."
                --The New York Times Book Review

"Light and lovely....full of warmth and insight...a valentine to the transformative power of art."
                                           --Publishers Weekly

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