The Seed of Banquo

by Noah Lukeman

Publisher:  Pegasus

Pub Date:  2008 (paperback forthcoming in 2010)

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description:
Ambition, Betrayal, Murder...
In 1610, The Tragedy of Macbeth was first performed.
400 years later: the sequel.

An original play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Part II picks up where Shakespeare's Macbeth left off, imagining a resolution to the witches’ original prophecy that “the seed of Banquo” will become kings. Written in blank verse, adhering to the traditional Shakespearean five-act structure, it is executed in the form of what would be a faithful sequel.

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Recommended Reading
New York Magazine Fall Preview 

“An audacious achievement. ‘Blood will have blood,’ wrote Shakespeare, and Lukeman steers us back into the red, raging thick of it, exploring—in blank verse, no less—
the murderous fallout from the original Macbeth.”
--Jennifer Lee Carrell, Ph.D. (Harvard)
New York Times Bestselling author of Interred With Their Bones/The Shakespeare Secret


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"Shakespeare lives on because we find his thoughts in our blood. Noah Lukeman's bold sequel to Macbeth, written in blank verse, is a fierce, memory-ridden love letter to Shakespeare, and an enthralling reminder that, in our imagination, Shakespeare's greatest plays have no end."
--Nigel Cliff, author of The Shakespeare Riots

“Lukeman’s sequel to the Scottish play succeeds as both a fascinating literary exercise and an entertaining play in its own right….[A] poetic, well-paced drama.”
—Booklist {click here to read the full review}

“Lukeman follows the structure, the pace and the language of Shakespeare so closely that an opinion of the play can go both ways: one, Lukeman is not really jumping out on a limb and creating his own version of Shakespeare or two, Lukeman truly has mastered the Shakespearian art and created a play that can stand as a sequel to the great Shakespearian play. I lean towards the latter.”
—A.M. Perez, Amanda's Weekly Zen

“The sequel is a tough nut to crack. But when the original is more than 400 years old, that nut has become nearly petrified.... [Lukeman] cracks a tough nut indeed. Good Reading.”
—Petoskey News Review, Michigan

“Lukeman did a top-notch job creating a fresh play in the style of Shakespeare. The story moves quite briskly, and takes quite a few intriguing twists....The rhythm of the words and the drama of the story would make for quite a suspenseful and entertaining show. In fact, I really hope Lukeman is in the process of negotiating a production somewhere.”
—Fashionista Piranha

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