by Rachel Howard

Publisher:  Dutton

Pub Date:  Summer 2005

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description
At 10 years old, Rachel Howard witnessed the murder of her father.  Now, at 26, she has decided to confront her past, and has set out to find the killer.  A cross between MY DARK PLACES and THE LOVELY BONES.
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Review Highlights
"As a detective, Ms. Howard fails. She never learns the identity of her father's killer. But as a memoirist, she succeeds brilliantly. "The Lost Night" is enthralling, a skillfully narrated story that begins as a tale of detection but quickly becomes something more." 
--The New York Times 

"A quintessentially American narrative of self-creation and redemption, a postmodern "Gatsby" with a hard-earned, doubt-tinged happy ending. I don't know when I've read a better first book." 
--Wall Street Journal 


"Powerful . . . more intense and real than your typical true-crime story . . . this heartfelt memoir is about one young woman reconciling with the past, and in that process discovering the difference between loving the living and missing the dead." 
--San Francisco Chronicle 

"Heartfelt . . . illuminates a bond between father and daughter that neither time nor death can undo." 
--Washington Post 

"An abundantly candid and dramatically riveting account of one young woman's courageous determination to understand the unfathomable." 

"Unfolds with the urgency of a thriller . . . clear-sighted, propulsive prose . . . What begins as a quest for justice winds up a complex, compulsively readable meditation on the nature of reconciliation, whether it is with your family, your past, or yourself." 

"Not an attempt at vengeance but rather a profoundly personal account of a California Central Valley childhood defined by chaotic family life . . . poignant." 
--Publishers Weekly 

"An uncommon glimpse into the aftermath of a murder as seen through the eyes of one of its peripheral victims . . . a haunting portrait of a father-and a night-lost but a family found." 
--Library Journal 

"Not a typical true-crime book . . . By the conclusion, we've been so immersed in her tale, it feels like a resolution for all of us." 
--San Francisco Magazine

Fulll Description
       A cross between MY DARK PLACES and THE LOVELY BONES, Rachel Howardís debut memoir, MY FATHERíS KEEPER, is a poignant, heartfelt memoir. It tells the story of a girl who, at age 10, witnessed her own fatherís murder, a murder which was never solved.
       Rachelís grandparents, blindsided by grief, abandoned her. Her mother took her to spend her early adolescence in Fresno with an abusive, heroin-addicted stepfather. After a mental breakdown and depression in college, Rachel knew she had to face the reality of her fatherís mysterious death. And as she grew stronger, she learned she wanted more. She wanted truth.
       Now, at age 26, Rachel is ready to face her past, to explore the dark nooks and crannies of her youth, her small town, the circumstances around her fatherís death, and to try and find resolution for herself and her fatheróand of course, to find the murderer.

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