by Lewis Harrison

Publisher:  Kensington

Pub Date:  Fall 2003

Format:   Trade Paperback original

Brief Description
The first major book to offer all-natural remedies for depression.
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Full Description
        Depression has become one of the major health problems in recent years. We are being forced to work harder than ever before, while taking less vacation and personal time. Catastrophic world events have only exacerbated this. By 2002, almost 20 million Americans will be diagnosed with some form of clinical depression.
        Simultaneously, herbs are one of the fastest growing segments in consumer spending and health care. According to the 2001 Health and Wellness Trends Report, compiled by the Natural Marketing Institute, "Almost a third of Americans have tried some form of alternative health care." That makes nearly 100 million Americans.
        HEALING DEPRESSION NATURALLY will be the first major trade book to offer a complete regimen of natural cures for depression. Sadly, many cases of depression are misdiagnosed and over-medicated, and detoxification from medication is difficult, while recent medical studies have indicated that various herbs have the ability to bring short term, and, in many cases, permanent relief from depression. HEALING DEPRESSION NATURALLY will present a well-organized herbal program, including proper nutrition, intestinal detoxification and behavior modification through herbs, and herbal based healing techniques, including flower remedies and aromatherapy. It will demystify herbs by incorporating them into daily, practical use for direct results.

About the Author
Lewis Harrison is Director of the Academy of Natural Healing, one of the oldest continually running schools in the US (25 years) teaching alternative medicine and natural healing. He is the author of many books, LOSING WEIGHT NATURALLY (Source Books, 2003), HANDS-ON-HEALING (Kensington, 2000), HELPING YOURSELF WITH NATURAL HEALING (Prentice-Hall), MAKING FATS AND OILS WORK FOR YOU (Avery), THE COMPLETE FATS AND OILS BOOK (Avery), 30 DAY BODY PURIFICATION (Prentice-Hall), and co-author of MASSAGEWORKS (Berkley).  Over the last 15 years he has done a wide range of national TV, including The Maury Povich Show (3 times), MSNBC, and the BBC. Lewis has also had his own radio show in New York City. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, and speaks regularly at the New Life Expo, Whole Life Expo, and at wellness and alternative medicine conferences around the country and the world.

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