by Laura Denham

:  Carroll & Graf

Pub Date:  Fall 2002

Format:  Trade Paperback Original

Brief Description
A roman-a-clef, this extraordinary debut is an erotic, literary tale about a young girl's sinking inevitably deeper into the sex industry in San Francisco.  Chosen by Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers for Fall 2002
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"After an unconventional but relatively wholesome upbringing by hippie parents in Northern California in the 1980s, the likable, sharply observant Juliet gets swept up in San Francisco's sex industry and is soon awash in drugs and money as her "career" spins out of control, and she finally disappears into the commune. Denham has a surprisingly assured, captivating voice. She avoids the pitfalls of this potentially lurid subject matter, offering a thoughtful exploration of the effect of the 1960s counterculture on another generation of lost youth."
--Publishers Weekly

The prostitute with a heart of gold is an old staple of the novel, but the heroine of Laura Denham's just-published "Have You Seen Me?" (Carroll & Graf; $12) is a remarkably refreshing exemplar…."Have You Seen Me?" is a page-turner, but not because of its plot, which ambles along without much suspense from blow job to sado-masochist photo shoot….The steady allure of this promising first novel is its effortless style. Juliet's detachment from the tawdry trappings of her various employments fuels Denham's sly, offhand wit. If "Have You Seen Me?" comes off as un-ambitious, it's just further testament to this up-and-coming writer's deceptively casual talent.
--San Francisco Examiner

"If you're looking for an entertaining weekend read, this book will not disappoint."
--Bust Magazine


Full Description
               This debut novel tells the story of a young girl’s lonely upbringing with her father and of her eventual move to San Francisco, where she, broke and wanting excitement, answers an ad for a job as a stripper. As the novel progresses, so do the stakes, and she soon finds herself involved in darker, riskier and more extreme sexual encounters. Soon, she is unrecognizable even unto herself, and must make a decision to embrace the lifestyle or walk away.
              A darker, more nuanced
Pretty Woman, this is an extraordinarily taut and well-crafted debut.  An emotionally and psychologically penetrating examination of a young girl lost--to herself and to the world.

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