by Leslie Stella

Publisher:  Crown/Three Rivers

Pub Date:  Spring 2003

Format:   Trade Paperback original

Brief Description
The hysterically funny first novel revolving around inter-office politics.  Already a cult classic.
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"Although negatives abound in this novel, few things are as compelling to read as a send-up of something perceived as pompous, officious, and petty. For example, an organization. Let's say a library organization. The made-up National Association of Libraries has a headquarters populated by the dregs of "nerddom": from corrupt and sexually questionable bosses and boring self-important coworkers to Addie, our narrator, a self-absorbed, hypochondriacal, retro-snob copy editor. Beneath, in terms of building arrangement at least, is the tech-support department with our unlikely hero, Fat Bald Jeff. His skills as a computer tech are legion, but encouraged by Addie's tiny foray into bad behavior, he becomes a saboteur without equal. Will the two of them succeed in deflating the overinflated? Will Addie find love? Will Jeff get a raise? Will she get the stain out of her silk blouse? Although as subtle as a sledgehammer, this is a fun, harmless, and quick read. Don't look for inspiration, just amusement."

"A wisecracking protagonist who rages successfully against the machine...with a contagious vibrancy... A hilarious send-up of hippies and hipsters."

"An antically satirical and quite smart sendup of the workplace...a lot of freshly imagined fun...the lumpen will love it."
--San Francisco Chronicle

Warm the pockets of your heart watching this bereft waif find a little happiness in life."

"Amusing... caustic... entertaining... read on company time!"
--US Weekly

Full Description
         Addie Prewitt is a copy editor for the National Association of Libraries. When her boss, the repulsive Coddles, heaps another new project on her department -- with no additional remuneration naturally -- she decides she's had enough. She spends her days battling with her roommate, Val Wayne Newton, about whether Black Sabbath or Neil Diamond will occupy the turntable and her nights beating her overeager suitor, Martin Lemming, away from the door of her boudoir. When she discovers a piece of vile pornography in Coddles's dry cleaning, she has the means to retaliate. Meanwhile, Fat Bald Jeff, the tech-support guy who has to cope with her mechanical self-sabotage, turns out to be even more disaffected than she, and they hatch the ultimate plan to give the pigs some of their own medicine. With a surreal wit and a keen eye that bring to mind Lily Tomlin set loose in Dilbert-world, Fat Bald Jeff is a sharp satire and a paean to the petty humiliations of workers everywhere.

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