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by Donald Rawley

Publisher:  HarperCollins (UK)

Pub Date:  Spring 2000

Format:  Trade Paperback Original

Description:  The final, brilliant novella of the late Donald Rawley, Pushcart Prize winner published in The New Yorker, Harpers and Story.  A murder mystery set in Los Angeles, fraught with tension and exquisitely told.

"Brutally gorgeous, triumphantly lyrical, and unmistakably brilliant.  Donald Rawley makes myth of our contemporary lives."
                                          --Kate Braverman

"Rawley's writing blazes unapologetically fecund and startling, like some kind of bird of paradise from Mars.  It is a literary movement in itself."
                                       --Sandra Tsing Loh

"Donald Rawley is the literary equivalent of amyl nitrate.  Reading this searing talent may give you a heart attack, but you'll die with a twisted, sated smile of gratitude on your lips."
                                                  --Jerry Stahl
                 author of  Permanent Midnight

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