The Hollywood Insider's Guide to the Evolution of Stortyelling
by Thom Taylor and Melinda Hsu

Publisher:  Michael Wiese

Pub Date:  Fall 2003

Format:   Trade Paperback original

Brief Description
From the author of THE BIG DEAL, comes the first major book to look deeply into the cutting edge of the digital film revolution. 


Full Description
        Filmmaking has made it into the mainstream. HBO has deemed the filmmaker market big enough to air a weekly series on the subject—"Project Greenlight"—and to give it a primetime Sunday night slot (replacing the slot filled by "Band of Brothers.") This is because we are in the midst of a digital revolution—a revolution which has just begun, and which will, like the internet, change culture as we know it.
        While how-to technical manuals and digital film companion books have emerged in response to widespread buzz about the medium, there is no single definitive book that shows independent filmmakers, industry members, and movie lovers the practical realities of DV production and its evolving place in the entertainment business. WHO NEEDS FILM? 10 DIGITAL FILMS THAT MADE IT BIG (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO) will be the definitive book. It will meet the immediate needs of filmmakers, while also offering a perspective from the business side – agents, producers, distributors, studios, and financiers – that alternately dispels myths and prompts innovation. Highly anecdotal, it will profile low-budget successes like Celebration and The Blair Witch Project, and intersperse first-hand stories from the filmmakers themselves. There is nothing like WHO NEEDS FILM? on the market today. It will be the book people turn to over the next several years, as there is an ever-increasing wave of media attention about the medium.
Thom Taylor is the author of THE BIG DEAL: HOLLYWOOD’S MILLION-DOLLAR SPEC SCRIPT MARKET (William Morrow, 1999), now in its third printing. He has written for Variety, Locations, Millimeter and other magazines as well as writing the first article for Movieline. Thom studied economics at the University of California at Berkeley and film production at the American Film Institute’s Center from Advanced Film and Television Studies, and earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has spoken about Hollywood on over 200 NBC radio affiliates, National Public Radio's MarketPlace, and as a repeat guest on numerous other radio shows. His commentaries on the film industry have also been featured on CNNfn's "Business Unusual," CBS Marketwatch, STARZ cable television network, Bay TV's The Show and in a variety of print-media venues. Melinda Hsu graduated cum laude from Harvard College and earned a Masters in Fine Arts from the Film Division of the Columbia University School of the Arts. A native of Bangor, Maine, she has contributed articles and short stories to Film Threat, Jane and other magazines and fiction journals, and wrote and produced her one-woman show, Seventeen Bananas (shot and edited on DV). Currently, she works as a story analyst for Dustin Hoffman/Punch Productions.

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