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by Steve Lattimore

Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin/Mariner

Pub Date:  September 98/September 99

Format:  Hardcover/Trade Paperback

Description:  An extraordinarily successful debut collection:   a New York Times Notable Book of the Year; debuted at #11 on the San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller List; a finalist for the Pen/Hemingway Award. One of the stories has been optioned for Feature Film.  The first of a two book deal, with a novel to follow.

"Steve Lattimore is one of those rare writers who is as funny as he if profound, as restrained as he is spontaneous.  One of the most exciting collections that has come along in a while."
                                                       --Thom Jones

"The stories in Circumnavigation are matter-of-fact, then lacerating, then humbly visionary or pitiful, and suddenly unforgettable."
                                                --Daniel Woodrell

"I felt lucky reading this.  There's a kind of dazed exactitude and inevitablitiy to it, combined with a perfect pitch for the sentences Americans utter when they're feeling belligerent or impatient.  This is the Kafka of everyday life mode, the American Kafka, utilitarian, shiny and soiled with commodities."
                                                   --Charles Baxter

"A wonderful collections of stories by a gifted writer.  Reading Steve Lattimore reminds me why I started writing myself."
                                                      --Larry Brown

"His ear is perfect and his eye is unlinking and his touch is precision heartbreak."
                                          --Frederick Barthelme

Review Highlights:
"Powerful stories about the various ways in which broken families manage to operate. . .   Funny, moving--Lattimore delivers."
                       --New York Times Book Review

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