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Hollywood's Million Dollar Spec Script Market
by Thom Taylor

Publisher:  William Morrow

Pub Date:  March 1999

Format:  Trade Paperback Original

Description:  The first look at Hollywood's spec script market and the dramatic and whimsical stories of the deals and evolution of many of today's famous films.  A must for all screenwriters and anyone interested in the film business.

Review Highlights:
"[The Big Deal] serves both as an exposť of Hollywood business practices and a how-to manual for aspiring screenwriters....The timing is right: the spec market is still booming after 20-somethings Matt Damon and Ben Affleck sold Good Will Hunting for seven figures. This meticulously researched...book...chronicles the interactions (and clashes) among writers, studios, agents and directors, while detailing the homogenization of Tinseltown.... Taylor's insider look is an enjoyable read, especially in the detailed accounts of struggling writers making their first big sales."
                       --Publisher's Weekly

" Although ostensibly a guide for writers themselves, thanks to the depth of its research, The Big Deal becomes a revealing look at the whole Hollywood filmmaking process ."
                  --The Daily Californian

"Using a mix of both winners and losers as case studies, Taylor presents a gritty and sardonic picture of the process. Rather than a how-to, The Big Deal is a how-it-really-is for screenwriters and other creative types in today's Hollywood. Would-be screenwriters, movie fans, and anyone interested in the screen trade will want this unique if sometimes disconcerting perspective ."

"[Thom Taylor] takes the reader down the rabbit hole of Hollywood.... this is important, provocative reading for anyone who cares about the state of American film."
                              --Library Journal

"Thom Taylor's book, The Big Deal, is a most comprehensive and knowledgeable look at the subject of marketing scripts for motion pictures. It is an evening read."
--Robert Wise
film producer and Academy Award winning director of The Sound of Music and West Side Story

"Reading The Big Deal is like overhearing a spec script power lunch at Morton's. To be successful in the spec market, read this book."
--Tom Holland
writer and director of Child's Play and Stephen King's The Langoliers

"If you want to know how that million-dollar fantasy comes true, read this book and laugh, weep, and wonder."
--Jeremy Kagan
award-winning director

"This entertaining insider's look at the real, painful, pathetic, and ultimately random process by which Hollywood's power elite attempts to predict 'the next big thing' makes stock picking look logical by comparison.
--Douglas Rushkoff
author of Media Virus and Ecstacy Club

"Next to talent, The Big Deal is the best ammunition for a new screenwriter entering the Hollywood wars."
--Paul N. Lazarus
producer of Westworld and Capricorn One and the director of the Motion Pictures Program, University of Miami

"This entertaining, anecdotal, and personalized book takes an amusing look at the business side of selling screenplays in the glitter capital of the world.... Thom Taylor has accurately captured the flavor and serendipity of this bizarre marketplace of literary madness."
--Peter J. Dekom
Hollywood deal maker and co- chairman of American Cinematheque

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