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How to Get the Most From the Government for Your Retirement Years
by Ellen Hoffman

Publisher:  Newmarket Press

Pub Date:  Spring 1999 and Spring 2001

Format:  Hardcover and Trade Paperback

Description:  The first book on how to save your retirement money specifically geared towards taxes and the government.  Written by a former Washington Post reporter and Washington correspondent for "Retire With Money" (a newsletter published by Money magazine) who frequently contributes articles on retirement and personal finance to magazines including Business Week, Modern Maturity and Reader's Digest's magazine, New Choices for Better Living After 50. The first of a two book deal.

"An invaluable resource for every American planning for a secure retirement."
                                                       --Senator Roth
                                        creator of the Roth IRA

"Everyone over the age of 21 should read Bankroll Your Future."
      --Anne Werner, President and CEO, United Seniors Health Cooperative

Review Highlights:
"Bankroll is essential...It delivers the goods..Ellen Hoffman has her material down cold."
                                                          --USA Today

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