by Gary Goldschneider

(coauthor of the Secret Language series)

Publisher:  Atria

Pub Date:  Spring 2003

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description
From the best-selling co-author of THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS (nearly 2 million copies in print), comes the first major book to look at the astrology of time itself.
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"Though most folks know their astrological signs and perhaps a few additional basics (Aries can be bossy, Geminis, chatty), probably few can cite details about specific time periods within each of the 12 signs. Goldschneider (The Secret Language of Birthdays) here presents an intriguing analysis of the astrological influences and general qualities behind each week or "personology period" of the year. According to Goldschneider, these weeks—and even the specific days—affect not just those born within them, but the energy of the world at large. For instance, an "Aries I" is born between March 25 and April 2 (the "Week of Curiosity"), and is likely to be both honest and noble. For those born in other weeks, the author suggests, this Week of Curiosity is a time to "appreciate innocence, simplicity, and even naïveté." Goldschneider also offers a list of other personology periods whose members must be cautioned, as they are likely to encounter challenges during the Week of Curiosity. Those born during the Week of Empathy (June 25-July 2), for example, might get "bogged down in heavy, complex emotional states." The author also covers the volatile "cusp" periods between signs (e.g. April 19-24, the Cusp of Power, is "one of the strongest weeks of the year"). Part guidebook to the signs and part investigation of human qualities in general, this is a valuable book for people seeking to understand how birth time might affect lifetime. Agent, Noah Lukeman. (Nov. 5)"
--Publishers Weekly

Full Description
          The coauthor of the phenomenally successful THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS and the creator of personology presents the first astrology book to explain the paradigm of the seasons, and show how time characterizes events just as birthdays characterize people.
          CHARTING THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE picks up where the very popular SECRET LANGUAGE series left off, providing a unique system for living based on the time of year. A groundbreaking book that takes a unique look at the nature of time itself, CHARTING THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE shows how every season, month, week, and day has its own inherent energy, and how that energy can influence people and events. Fascinating and practical, CHARTING THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE explores the personology of the seasons, covering the twelve astrological signs and the forty-eight personology periods.
Why are Scorpio days more dangerous than others? How can we spice up Pisces time? How can we avoid vacation burnout during hot Leo time? What is the nature of a Virgo event? Why are cusp periods often unstable? CHARTING THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE addresses these questions¾ and very many more¾ as it shows us how to understand seasonal, weekly, and daily energies, and how to live our lives accordingly.

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