7 Leadership Secrets for Success in
Business, Sports and Life
by Coach Jim Calhoun and Richard Ernsberger, Jr.

:  St. Martins Press

Pub Date:  2008

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description:
One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time shares his secrets of motivation, success and leadership.

Full Description:
Motivation…Success…Leadership…Passion. Hall of Fame college basketball coach Jim Calhoun of the University of Connecticut Huskies shares his secrets for success for the first time ever.

Coach Jim Calhoun is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history. Having sent countless players to the NBA, Coach Calhoun is known for producing not just great athletes but great human beings. He is both an exceptional leader and self-made man whose ability to motivate and inspire young men is unsurpassed. In A Passion to Lead, he shares the principles that have allowed him to fundamentally impact so many.

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When he took command of the Connecticut Huskies, the team had lost five straight seasons. In seventeen years under his leadership, Calhoun has gone on to create a legacy with two national championships.

But what makes Coach Calhoun such an excellent leader? How did he take a regional basketball program and turn it into a national champ? What is his management style? What are his motivational techniques? Calhoun reveals them here, and includes anecdotes about his life as a coach, family man and, ultimately, a teacher--as well as the following key principles:

*Win Every Day: Talent determines what you can do in life. Motivation determines what you decide to do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
*Standards, Then Victories: To build a winning organization, establish a culture of winning and make everyone accountable. Out of high standards come victories 
*Tough Love: Pushing is only half the equation. Individuals perform best when they feel good about themselves. 
*And much more
A Passion to Lead is for anyone who is serious about making their dreams a reality. It’s a motivational tool for achieving success both at work and in life that can help turn any adversity into an advantage. 

"I sometimes go home at night feeling bad because I've been tough on a player, but if I've framed my criticism or discipline in a positive way, I know it's OK. I might tell a kid: 'You have so much to offer. If I continued to allow you to shortchange yourself, to not give your best effort or be the best person you can be, then I wouldn't really care about you. And I do.' Like all leaders, I have standards and values, and I won't deviate from them for fear of hurting feelings. That would make me a phony."—Coach Jim Calhoun, A PASSION TO WIN

JIM CALHOUN is the legendary coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies. He was the first coach to ever win at least 250 games at two separate Division I schools and is among the top 10 active Division I coaches with at least 600 career wins. He has guided the Huskies to 12 NCAA Tournaments over the past 15 years, making the program one of only five schools in the nation to advance to national postseason play for 17 straight seasons. 

RICHARD ERNSBERGER is the author of two successful books BRAGGING RIGHTS: A Year Inside the S.E.C. Football Conference and GOD, PEPSI AND GROOVIN ON THE HIGH SIDE: Tales from the Nascar Circuit.

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