In Conversation with Lawrence Grobel

by Lawrence Grobel

:  Simon & Schuster

Pub Date:  Spring 2006

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description:
An intimate portrait of the elusive actor based on 25 years of conversations between journalist and New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Grobel and Al Pacino that developed into a rare and insightful friendship.

“Al Pacino has been on of America’s most versatile and dynamic actors for more than 35 years. In 1979 Lawrence Grobel (Conversations with Brando) began interviewing the reclusive Pacino while in turn becoming his personal friend, and now he presents a collection of their past interactions, which appear uncut here for the first time. The book almost serves as an autobiography of Pacino as he discusses his early life, family, first acting jobs, and craft. In talking about his theatre career, defining roles in The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, and Serpico, and later work in Looking for Richard, the actor demonstrates an intense commitment to and a profound love of his work. What emerges is the intellect, skill, and passion of a man who conveys these very traits on the stage and on the screen. Grobel’s interviews offer a unique portrait of a man at the forefront of late 20th- and early 21st century American cinema. High recommended.”
--Jim Collins, Library Journal

“These interviews of Pacino conducted by Grobel and spanning the years 1979-2005 read more like old buddies conversing than formal discussion between aloof professionals, and in fact Grobel and the notoriously aloof actor have become close friends. Still, even in what he claims was his first interview ever, Pacino seems, surprisingly, relaxed and open. Altogether, these are warts-and-all portraits of Pacino, full of surprising details about him and his life….Equally fascinating are moments when Pacino turns the tables on Grobel, answering questions with other questions that throw Grobel off balance and require him to be as on-his-toes as Pacino clearly is. Grobel and Pacino maintain a remarkable openness throughout, by the end creating the illusion that the reader has really gotten to know the man behind Serpico, Scarface and Michael Corleone.”
--Jack Helbig, Booklist

‘This absorbing book is compiled from over 400 hours of taped conversations, conducted between 1979 and 2005. Lawrence Grobel is Pacino’s loyal Boswell. The result is a rich and fruitful interchange, a classic account of the acting process’
--Sunday Express (U.K.) August 27, 2006

“In nine expanded interviews with Grobel from 1979-2005 for publications like Playboy and Entertainment Weekly, Pacino touches on The Godfather, 9/11, and how acting differs from sex: “I love work because it keeps sex in perspective. Otherwise it can become a preoccupation.” The Q&A format reveals Pacino as a deep thinker with wicket wit.”
-- Entertainment Weekly Sept. 8, 2006

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