The 100 Year History of the
New York City Subway System
by The New York Transit Museum with
Vivian Heller

:  WW Norton

Pub Date:  Spring 2004

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description
The first official book of the New York Transit Museum, telling the dramatic story, in text and 200 beautiful pictures, of the building and evolution of the New York subway system.  To coincide with the 100th anniversary.
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Full Description
          The building of the subway was an epic undertaking. Conceived by visionaries who saw the subway as the answer to the city’s crushing social ills, the battle was long and hard, and they did not give up in the face of bitter opposition and disastrous setbacks. Many men died, and when it was done, it was the greatest engineering marvel in the history of the world.
          The New York Transit Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the subway. It has in its possession thousands of incredible images—some dating back to 1900—that few people have ever seen.  It will share 200-300 of these images with the public, in its first official book. The photographs will be complemented by a running narrative of approximately 20,000 words, a fast-paced historic narrative, full of anecdotes and dramatic incidents, presenting a compellingly human story, a story of battles lost and battles won.
2004 marks the 100th anniversary of the Transit Museum—for which the MTA will give wide publicity—and the book will play a key role in the commemoration of this historic event. The New York Transit Museum hosts over 100,000 visitors a year. Its two stores, one at Grand Central Terminal and another at Times Square, receive over one million visitors a year. 3.5 million people ride the subway daily. This book will find a wide audience.

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