by Ellen Cooney

Publisher:  Coffee House Press

Pub Date:  Fall 2001

Format:  Hardcover

Description:  The new novel by the renowned teacher of fiction at Harvard and MIT, with frequent publications in The New Yorker.

"The Old Ballerina is an enchanting book about masters and pupils, real life and the imagined life, and what it means to dance.  At the center of this fresh and charming novel stands the goddess, Mr.s Kamsky, the old ballerina to die for."
                                                    --Jane Hamilton

Review Highlights:
"This remarkably talented author writes in a refined, understated prose that captures the spontaneity of adolescent dialogue in an eloquent, often brilliant narrative."
--The New York Times Book Review


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"Light and lovely....full of warmth and insight...a valentine to the transformative power of art."
--Publishers Weekly

"A superbly crafted novel of two women who discover each other. A combination romance, folk tale, humor novel, and poignant reflection on destiny. A unique and enthralling reading experience from cover to cover."
--Midwest Book Review

"Tara, who calls herself 'TB like the disease,' is about to have her dream wedding, complete with roast beef, emerald high heels, 'slutty' silver eye shadow, and red pantyhose beneath a thin white bridal gown. But the beautiful old White Cliffs restaurant, her cherished venue for the event, burns to the ground. Shattered, she leaves town with a note to her parents to tell her fiance, Tommy, that she is calling the whole thing off, which is not a bad idea, since it already crossed her mind that what she really wanted was a wedding, not a marriage. Meanwhile the local psychic, Signora Guida Santucci, equally devastated by the fire (why hadn't she foreseen in?) refuses other job offers but agrees to help Tara's parents locate her...Guida finds her, and both women are surprised by their mutual attraction. But can they find true love and happiness? Many will want to find out in a novel this fresh and engaging."

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