Vampire Federation: The Cross
by Sean McCabe

Publisher:  Penguin/ NAL 

Pub Date:  2012

Format:   Paperback

Brief Description:  

There are worse things than vampires…

The terrifying new book in the Vampire Federation series.

The Cross
of Ardaich, bane of the undead, was thought to have been destroyed in the war between the Federation and its arch-enemy, the vampire Gabriel Stone. But its accidental rediscovery in the wilds of Romania could ultimately spell disaster for the whole world…

Detective Joel Solomon and Vampire Federation agent Alexandra Bishop are lovers split by a terrible rift: Joel can’t forgive that she made him a vampire. Yet when Gabriel Stone makes a deal with a bloodthirsty serial killer to retrieve the cross, the estranged couple and their rag-tag allies become the only hope in a race against pure evil.

If the terrible powers of the cross fall into the hands of Stone’s sinister masters the Übervampyr, it isn’t just ordinary vampires like Alex and Joel who will become an endangered species. Things could be about to turn very nasty for the human race…

The Cross combines the high-octane action of the Ben Hope novels with the thrills of fast-paced action thrillers such as Batman Begins, Blade and V for Vendetta. 

Praise for UPRISING, the first book in the Vampire Federation series

“It's got action . . . it's a thriller . . . more hardcore Underworld action than Twilight angst. This could be the one for you.”
- Falcata Times

“Dark and dirty . . . returns vampires to their rightful place as the creatures of nightmares.”
- Monsters and Critics

“Exhilarating . . . [the author] makes his undead realm seem genuine.”
- Midwest Book Review

‘Mariani certainly knows how to rack up the tension in this high-octane thriller"
- Lancashire Evening Post

"Smart, action-packed thriller…it’s completely addictive...This fast-paced thriller leapt off the page!”
- Closer Magazine












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