by Victor Gischler

:  Bantam Dell

Pub Date:  May, 2005

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description:
A new novel by Edgar Award Finalist Victor Gischler.  A fast-paced, action-packed crime thriller set in Florida.

Review Highlights:
"Rocking like a hammock in a hurricane, this ultra-breezy Florida crime romp follows ex-jock Conner Samson as he gets caught in a deadly rundown between aging comic-book geek Teddy Folger and an oddball Japanese gangster obsessed with Americana.....While every imaginable kind of chaos is busy ensuing, Gischler treats readers to an amusing cast of Elmore Leonard cast-offs that includes a pint-size Pensacola crime boss, a nympho girlfriend inexplicably named Tyranny Jones, and an ex-NSA agent who favors her late father's pearl-handled six-shooters in a fight. This is a fast, enjoyably silly read underpinned with a surprisingly humane world view."

"Gischler is a light and clever satirist who knows how to keep a narrative moving, and Conner, who has connections to the Southern art world and a foxy married ladyfriend named Tyranny Jones, is a character well worth another visit."
--Publishers Weekly

"Gischler keeps things moving at a good clip….Gischler keeps the humor at a high level throughout."
--Chicago Tribune

“Grade: A 
You have to love a book where the main character is a self-loathing loser who works as a repo man and can't catch a break to save his life. Connor Samson has been living on the fringe for so long, he can't remember the way back. He spends his days pining for his longtime love, Tyranny Jones. And when not missing Tyranny, he evades his old friend Otis, who's out to get him on behalf of Connor's angry bookie….Gischler is one of those authors who writes so smoothly that he makes it look easy. It isn't, of course, except for the reader who gets to jump aboard his books for the exciting ride. Blistering in many ways, Gischler's latest is highly recommended, as are his previous and any forthcoming books.”
--Rocky Mountain News

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