by Dan Chaon

Publisher:  Random House/ Ballantine 

Pub Date:  2012

Format: Hardcover 

Brief Description:
Author of the recent novel AWAIT YOUR REPLY and the NBA short-listed story collection, AMONG THE MISSING. Dan Chaon's STAY AWAKE, a new collection of short stories.




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Praise and Endorsements for Chaon's Novel, YOU REMIND ME OF ME
“YOU REMIND ME OF ME is one of the strangest, most beautiful, most compelling books I've read in a long time. Unnerving and real, intricately plotted, wonderfully written, it's a Chinese box of a novel, full of hidden pleasures and surprises.”
Elizabeth McCracken, author of The Giants House and Niagara Falls All Over Again

"Dan Chaon's novel You Remind Me Of Me is nothing short of brilliant. The novel is haunting me and I can't stop thinking about it--both as a reader and as a deeply admiring writer. I wish I had a better adjective than superb." 
Caroline Leavitt, author of
Girls in Trouble 

"One of Dan Chaon's many gifts is his ability to probe deeply and delicately into sorrow. This gift serves him beautifully in You Remind me of Me, a novel about adoption, about the quiet sadness that lies at the bottom of all his characters' troubles."
Jane Hamilton, author of
A Map of The World

“Beautiful, painful, and sure-footed, YOU REMIND ME OF ME tracks the delicate connections between a handful of lost and poignant lives, in the process giving them the radiance of a stained glass window. What a writer. Dan Chaon is going to have a breathtaking literary career.”
Peter Straub

“Dan Chaon's meticulous and insightful novel "You Remind Me of Me" is such an important achievement….it is fundamentally a tale of identity sought, borrowed, rejected and then reborn in the minds of its characters. But Chaon does not let the reader off with simple conclusions. Rather, he reminds us constantly how much in fluctuation life's choices really are, and how much we contribute to our own views of what we have become. The novel is also a riddle about connections, and it begins in four apparently disparate directions that eventually come together with an unsettling and heartrending unity.”
David Hellman is a librarian at San Francisco State University and past chairman of the American Library Association's Notable Books Council  


“Three lives viewed through a kaleidoscope of memories and secret pain assume a kind of mythical dimension in Chaon’s piercingly poignant tale of fate, chance and search for redemption. As he demonstrated in his short story collection Among the Missing, Chaon has a sensitive radar for the daily routines of people striving to escape the margins of poverty and establish meaningful lives. …Chaon’s clarity of observation, expressed in restrained, nuanced prose, coupled with his compassion for his flawed characters, creates a heart-wrenching story of people searching for connection.
Forecast: Readers of Kent Haruf will find similarities here, in the settings in small towns on the Great Plains and in the dignified portrayal of people leading secret, stoic lives. Eight-city author tour. 
--Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)

"Acclaimed storywriter Chaon (AMONG THE MISSING,2001,etc) affirms his matchless skill in crafting the small sketch...The initial handful of chapters here, in fact, read like a fresh collection of stories, distinguished as usual by the shy, cutting honesty of Chaon's prose...his final vignette leaves the reader astonished once again...[a] powerful, promising writer."

"Chaon follow a ravishing short story collection, AMONG THE MISSING (2001), with a grimly compelling first novel...Chaon's finely crafted novel is cogent and susupenseful."

“In this impressive intergenerational saga from onetime National Book Award finalist Dan Chaon, the modern American family is barely family at all: Its members are variously orphaned, abandoned or absentee….Chaon's restless narrative zooms back and forth from the 1960s to the 1970s to the 1990s, constantly updating, revisiting and revealing. Each turn of "You Remind Me of Me" adds another layer of flesh — and mystery — to Jonah, Troy and their forlorn mother, three archetypal Americans who don't know each other from Adam but are bound together nevertheless.”
--Los Angeles Times

“Chaon’s meticulous pacing, and the controlled nuance with which he (an adoptee who has written about his own awkward meeting with his natural father) handles Jonah’s and Troy’s interaction, make this a quietly ambitious novel”.
--Time Out New York

“Chaon deftly reveals the quiet suffering of ordinary people in a way that can be uncomfortably realistic but is always compelling”.

“Chaon’s remarkable first novel begins with snapshots that recall his talent for short stories (his 2001 collection, Among the missing, was a National Book Award finalist)”.
--Entertainment Weekly

You remind Me of Me is not technically horror or suspense, but it does generate plenty of tension, in its very sensitivity to tha perils and misadventures of domestic life. … Chaon plays with the reader’s expectations in a way that is accomplished and full of pleasure for lovers of good suspense fiction, and You remind Me of Me, along with its literary merits, is a very good scary novel. … You remind Me of Me, expertly written and crafted, is an admirable first novel and one of this year’s most involving and satisfying fictions”.
--The Plain Dealer

You remind Me of Me is the first novel by an author already established for mournful, eloquent short stories with a tone reminiscent of Russell Banks’s. Mr. Chaon’s stories heve been about emotional ellipses in his characters’ lonely lives”.
--New York Times

“ … vivid, unadorned prose, which manages at once to be precise and dreamlike. …the book succeeds because it makes us feel its characters’ pain and inhabit a world in which desperate measures often seem like the only ones avaliable”.
--Washington Post

“You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon (Ballantine, $24.95), another debut novel, is a kaleidoscope of memories, painful revelations and tragic legacies that converge to become a piercing and poignant tale….At first these chapters read like a series of short stories, but then the common threads begin to emerge, and the author seamlessly weaves a tale of family relations and fate. This first novel by National Book Award finalist Dan Chaon is sometimes painful but always provocative in its steadfast portrayal of people pushed beyond their limits."
PW Daily--Kristin Kloberdanz, a journalist with Time, offers these recommendations in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune

"In his masterly first novel, Chaon tells an absorbing tale of fate and the struggle for recovery and human connection.  Readers who prefer expertly crafted plotting  and strong characterization will be drawn to this novel. Highly recommended for public library system with an emphasis on literary fiction and for anyone interested in promising first novelists." 
--Library Journal (STARRED REVIEW

"Among the Missing (a National Book Award finalist,) was, as it turns out, merely the precursor to something even better: specific case in point, his new novel, You Remind Me of Me. ….Chaon's great gift — the ability to submerge readers into the heart and soul of a character with a rarified economy of words — is happily playing as the marqueed forefront in this superb new book. ….Chaon fans will find great satisfaction in this, his return to an examination of the magnificently complicated existences of just plain folk."
--The Boox Review



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