SAM:  The Boy Behind the Mask
by Tom Hallman, Jr.

Publisher:  Putnam

Pub Date:  Fall 2002

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description
Based on the 2001 Pulitzer Prize winning article, the heartbreaking story of the fight to save a young boy from a deadly brain tumor.

Review Highlights
"Hallman’s writing is crisp and affecting... a deeply moving story, an against-all-odds tale of bravery and faith."
--Publishers Weekly

"Compelling drama, driven by Hallman's factual narration of events leading up to Sam's coma and the political struggle between his pediatrician and the hospital administration. Its conclusion is a testimony that miracles can and do happen, but in their own time. And that some doctors care enough to take extraordinary measures and even place their careers in jeopardy to save their patients' lives.... Sam touches the heart of its readers from the first page to the last."
--Rocky Mountain News

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