by Kent Meyers

Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Pub Date:  2013

Format:  Hardcover 

Brief Description:
ALA Alex award-winner Kent Meyers's RED LEAF FALLING follows a pair of friends who may have caused the drowning of one of their classmates when
they were thirteen and the reverberations of this moment and its memory through the rest of their lives, families, and choices.

PRAISE FOR Meyer's Previous Novel, TWISTED TREE
“Opening this beautifully lyrical novel with one of the tensest, most harrowing first chapters in recent memory, Meyers grabs the reader and never lets go. A serial killer who preys on anorexic young women has set his sights on 20-year-old Hayley Jo Zimmerman. Luring the emaciated girl into his big blue Lincoln, he begins his torture by offering her a candy bar. Meyers then tells intimate stories of those connected to Hayley Jo in the tiny, desolate town of Twisted Tree, S. Dak. Her buffalo rancher father comes unmoored after his daughter’s death; her best friend Laura is saddled with guilt and regret – recurring themes throughout this powerful tale. Once you enter Twisted Tree, you’ll be spellbound.” 
--People (October, 2009)

“The novel is brimming with arresting descriptions, and the western setting is employed to surprising effect…. Meyers's small masterpiece deserves comparison to the work of Raymond Carver, Joy Williams and Peter Matthiessen.” 
--Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)

"Meyers’ prose is strikingly physical, sometimes thrillingly so."


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