8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life
by Noah Lukeman

:  St. Martins Press

Pub Date:  Summer 2002 (Hardcover)
                       Summer 2003 (Trade Paperback)

Format:   Hardcover/Trade Paperback

Brief Description
The follow up to the classic The First Five Pages, the only new book on plot by an active publishing professional.
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* A National Bestseller
* A Book Sense 76 selection
* A selection of the Writers Digest Book Club
* serialized in Writers Digest
* serialized in The Writer
* serialized in Authorlink
* serialized in the Writers Store

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Review Highlights/Endorsements:
"THE PLOT THICKENS is one of the best-ever books about the craft of writing. It is a book that can change the world of every writer who embraces Lukeman's ideas. It is a personal gift from a master agent who truly cares not only about the written word, but most of all, about the people who struggle to convey ideas upon the printed page."

"Though Lukeman works with books, he wisely asserts that the observations in this volume are applicable to all types of imaginary writing, from film to poetry. Indeed, it is a worthy addition to any writer’s reference shelf."
--Publishers Weekly

"A crisply written, nicely detailed examination of the art of storytelling. Beginning writers will find plenty of practical tips and useful advice in its pages"

"THE PLOT THICKENS is a highly useful book that is written in an accessible style and filled with valuable examples. I recommend this for the aspiring novelist who needs a helpful guide to developing and creating vivid characters."
--The Writer

"Conflict—the most difficult concept for new writers to understand. Lukeman does a masterful job of explaining this important aspect of plot development. His personable writing style elevates THE PLOT THICKENS from a text on writing to a written version of the mentor you always wished you could have."
--The Midwest Book Review

"The First Five Pages has been on my shelf for a few years now; I always re-read it before I declare anything done. The Plot Thickens, with all the intense character work, is sure to become the book I read before I start anything. Lukeman's two titles are enjoyable to read and teach me something every time I pick them up."
--BookSense (as reprinted in PW Daily)

"For those of us who have ever grappled with plot, THE PLOT THICKENS is a godsend. It is the type of book you need to purchase so it can sit on your desk, dog-eared and underlined, worn from years of overuse. For the playwright, the screenwriter, the novelist, or the short-story writer, it is more than a book on craft—it’s a tool."

"I can think of countless novels that would have been improved by following THE PLOT THICKENS, which is full of practical common sense about how to write fiction and answers many of the difficult questions first novelists ask themselves."
--Michael Korda, Author of Queenie, The Fortune, Making the List

"In his book THE FIRST FIVE PAGES, Noah Lukeman, one of the top literary agents in New York, gave writers a great gift. Now, in THE PLOT THICKENS, he shows writers how to build stories in which the plot emerges from fresh, alive, and intense characters. Both beginners and more advanced writers will find many wonderful, thought-provoking concepts and approaches here to help them hone their craft."
--James Frey, Author of How to Write a Damn Good Novel and The Key

"Brilliant. THE PLOT THICKENS literally gears a person up to writing big-themed, deep, humorous, and varied fiction. Page for page, Lukeman thinks more than other writing teachers, not just about writing books, but about people."
--Carol Bly, author of Beyond the Writer's Workshop

"Well known literary agent Noah Lukeman's THE PLOT THICKENS is different. The book is so well written--so tight and polished--that it provides a perfect example of its own principles. Lukeman understands, in a way which only comes from extensive reading and editing, what makes for excellent, not just bestselling, fiction. Treat yourself to his superbly written reference guide."


(for The First Five Pages)
"Novice and amateur writers alike will benefit from literary agent Lukeman’s lucid advice in this handy, inexpensive little book.  Carrying the craft of writing beyond Strunk and White’s classic Elements of Style, this book should find a wide audience: public libraries sponsoring writers’ groups and workshops will want multiple copies."
Highly Recommended
--Library Journal

Full Description
From the literary agent and author of the bestselling The First Five Pages, comes a groundbreaking new book on plot development.
          The art of plot development has become synonymous with having a "great idea."  But a great idea is merely an abstraction without characterization, journey, suspense, conflict, and context.  Analyzing the elements of classic storytelling, The Plot Thickens enables beginning and advanced writers alike to consider how these elements can combine--in many heretofore unimagined ways--to produce the kind of plot that will make their work transcendent.  A veritable fiction-writing workshop, writers will find it impossible to walk away from this invaluable guide without boundless new ideas.

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