by Victor Gischler

Publisher:  Bantam Dell

Pub Date:  Fall 2003

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description
The new novel by the author of the 2002 Edgar Award Finalist Gun Monkeys.  Hilariously funny crime novel about a down and out teacher in a backwoods school, who gets in over his head after an accidental murder.

Foreign sales:    France

"THE PISTOL POETS is in numerous ways politically incorrect, which decent satire almost has to be, and its twisted tale of gangsters and poets, if not profound, will brighten the day of anyone blessed with a sense of humor."
--The Washington Post

"Gischler deftly weaves together these elements and more and comes up with plenty of laughs...all embedded within a small war of bullets and blood. This is a far-fetched but fast and viciously enjoyable read."
--Publishers Weekly

"If you liked the lunatic pace and dark humor of Victor Gischler's "Gun Monkeys," you should be equally delighted by his second effort--an assault on what passes for academia at a sleepy school called Eastern Oklahoma University."
--Chicago Tribune

"Gischler, who teaches at a university in Oklahoma, knows how to make his characters not only hilarious caricatures, but also just intelligent enough to be worth rooting for. The Pistol Poets might not have the literary cachet of other campus life novels, such as Richard Russo's Straight Man, but it's just as funny and twice as off the wall. It should have been called Poetic Justice."
--Rocky Mountain News

"While Pelecanos and Lehane are very good, and Scott Phillips is a talent to be reckoned with, Victor Gischler is the real deal.  The author of GUN MONKEYS has come back with something even better….In the midst of mayhem, Gischler has constructed the best send-up of academia I have ever encountered in a crime novel….THE PISTOL POETS is pounding, relentless and breathless.  And it's a fantastic book."
--Mystery News

"Thoroughly enjoyable…utterly entertaining."


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