A Fugitive's Search For Justice in the Vanishing West
by Joe Jackson

:  Carroll & Graf

Pub Date:  Fall 2001

Format:  Hardcover

Brief Description
The breathtaking story of one of the greatest prison breakouts in history--and the 40 years on the run by a real life
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2002 Edgar Award Finalist

Review Highlights:

(for DEAD RUN)
"[A] fascinating and honest portrayal"
New York Times Book Review

"Burke and Jackson offer a gripping inside look at the life usually hidden behind prison walls and a frightening indictment of the criminal justice system."
--Publishers Weekly

"..[they] produce a dark epic chronicling the only multiple escape from death row, and the redemption of a man condemned for a murder likely not his own doing, in that rare volume that is at once a taut, gripping true-crime tide and a disturbing indictment of the nether regions of criminal justice."
--Kirkus Reviews

"A remarkable prison narrative."
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Dennis Stockton is quite likely to become famous posthumously as a result of this superb book."
--The Christian Science Monitor

"There's more than enough intrigue, action, and disturbing comedy to fill several thrillers, but Dead Run is a true story of a man who refused to sit still and wait for the hour of his death."

"Dead Run, unlike other books by inmates, employees or outsiders, provides an authentic, verified, objective view of the prison world."
--The Angolite: The Prison News Magazine

"Readers looking for a true-crime story that reaches for broader themes... will find one in Dead Run."
--Orlando Sentinel

"Uplifting and depressing in equal measures I was moved by this book to once again protest against the Death Penalty. If there is to be any sense in Stockton's death maybe this is it."
Crime Time

Full Description
          In 1910, America built its first Federal Penitentiary: Leavenworth. State of the art, "escape-proof" at a cost of millions, it housed the most fabled outlaws of the Old West. In true fashion, five of them get together and stage a spectacular breakout, hijacking a supply train and smashing through the West Gate. Four are caught. One makes it.
          Frank Grigware runs for Canada, where he hides for 30 years and is America’s most elusive fugitive, eluding even Edgar J. Hoover. Finally, he is caught, and America demands his extradition. But Canada will not comply. They are proud of Grigware’s last 30 years of charitable, hard work, and moreover, there is conclusive evidence that Grigware never committed the crime he was incarcerated for.
More than a spectacular prison escape story, LEAVENWORTH TRAIN is a story of one man against the machine, a real life FUGITIVE. It is also an important piece of social history, dramatizing a little-known episode of the American 20th century. Written by four time Pulitzer Prize nominee Joe Jackson, author of the critically-acclaimed Dead Run.

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