by Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D.

Publisher:  Steppingstones Press

Pub Date:  2005

Format:   Trade Paperback original and E-Book

Brief Description
A practical, sorely-need guide for the terminally ill and their friends, workers and family.  By a psychologist and psychotherapist who has devoted more than 20 years to working with and helping the dying.
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Winner of the NABE Award for the Best Book of the Year in the Category of Health.


"Brenda Shoshanna's words are wonderful."
--Marianne Williamson

"I have recently begun leading a health program for persons with and concerned about AIDS.  Your book has been extremely helpful.  A masterpiece!  Thank you so much."
--Peter Hendrickson, Ph.D.

"...wisdom, tears, smiles, consoling hands and spiritual guidance.  The most important work I have read in the last years.  And the most beautiful one, too."
--Judge Ammon Carmi
Editor-in-Chief of Medicine & Law)

"This is by far the most practical, profound, wise and tender book on illness, loss and emotional healing that I have ever read.  A life-giving book.   Congratulations!"
--Jana Klenburg, Ph.D.

Full Description
Dr. Shoshanna has devoted more than 20 years of her life to helping the dying and their families. Her natural empathy comes through in the book, and makes it a classic for the huge, perennial market in this area (hospitals, hospices, the elderly, patients, families, the grieving).

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About Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, Ph. D.

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A psychologist and therapist for 28 years, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna published work has integrated psychology and spirituality in facing life's crucial questions. She is the author of numerous books in the spirituality, zen, psychology and relationship genres. In the Peace of Mind genre, she is author of NO PROBLEM, NO WORRY: The Zen Road to Happiness, LIVING BY ZEN, ZEN MIRACLES, FEARLESS: 7 Principles of Peace Of Mind, THE ANGER DIET: 30 Days To Stress Free Living (listed as one of the best books of the year by Spirituality and Health), and EVERYDAY GRATITUDE. In the Relationship genre, she is author of ZEN AND THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE, WHY MEN LEAVE, GETTING HIM TO TALK, SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP and THE HAPPY MARRIAGE MANUAL. In the Spirituality genre, she is author of JEWISH DHARMA: A Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen, and of COMPASSIONATE CARE: Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Guidance During Times of Illness and Loss.

Her books all offer psychological and spiritual guidance, combining spiritual wisdom with psychological insight and practical advice. She has received widespread critical-acclaim for all of her books, with excellent reviews from publications such as Tricycle, Publishers Weekly, Body & Soul and others, and she has won the NABE Award for the Best Book of the Year in the Category of Health. Her books have been translated into 18 languages, and she appears frequently on national television, in national print, and in major venues online (she is the Relationship Expert on She has spoken and taught at many universities and has offered over 500 talks and workshops nationally on all aspects of psychology, spirituality and fulfilling one's potential. She also hosted her own radio show on the Gary Null network, which offered her a weekly platform to address a wide range of issues dealing with spirituality and self-help. 

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