by Scott Mariani

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster

Pub Date:  March

Format:   Hardcover

Brief Description:
A deadly conspiracy! An ancient prophecy! A race to prevent Armageddon! A thrilling, high-octane race to save civilisation that will engross fans of Dan Brown and Sam Bourne. When ex-SAS operative Ben Hope decided to give up rescuing kidnap victims in favour of the Theology studies he abandoned years before, he should have known that fate would decide differently. Searching for missing biblical archaeologist ZoA" Bradbury, Ben finds himself embroiled in his riskiest mission yet. What is the ancient secret that ZoA" uncovered? And just who is willing to do anything to protect it? The investigation leads Ben from Greece to the American Deep South and the holy city of Jerusalem, and he soon discovers that it's not just his and ZoA"'s lives on the line, but those of millions, threatened by a fundamentalist plot to gain ultimate power. The stakes are terrifyingly high as Ben races to prevent a disaster that could kick-start apocalyptic events as foretold by the Book of Revelation...

Praise for Mariani's Previous Novel, THE MOZART CONSPIRACY
“The Mozart Conspiracy is music to the minds of thriller fans. Now readers on both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy Scott Mariani's gift for international menace with a Continental flair.” —Thomas Greanias, author of The Promised War

“James Bond meets Jason Bourne Meets The Da Vinci Code, in a tale as driven as a dark Mozart symphony—but Scott Mariani writes with a steely lightness that is all his own.” —Jennifer Lee Carrell, New York Times bestselling author of Interred With Their Bones

“The Mozart Conspiracy is an action-packed thriller that introduces a fine, new hero, retired British commando Benedict Hope, a former soldier who's tormented by regret. In a wild chase across Europe, Hope uses his violent talents to track down a nefarious cabal that secretly controls the destinies of nations. The novel is fast-paced and fun, and Hope is a hero you can't help but root for.” —Mark Alpert, author of Final Theory

"Scott Mariani is an author to watch." --M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of The Reincarnationist.



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