by Jules Verne

Publisher:  University of Nebraska Press

Pub Date:  2008

Format:   Trade Paperback

Brief Description
The original novel that Jules Verne left upon his death, published for the first time in the English language.
     In Canada, in the midst of the Gold Rush, two cousins are left an inheritance when their uncle dies.  The inheritance:  the stake to a gold mine, which may be worth nothing or may make them rich.  They decide to excavate, and thus their adventures begin.
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Full Description
        Ben Raddle and Summy Skim, cousins and best friends, live together in an idyllic life on a farm in Montréal, Canada. One day they are summoned by a lawyer to discover that their last remaining relative died, leaving them an inheritance: a plot of land in the Klondike, a mining province situated on the border of Canada and Alaska. The Klondike has become the new promised land of gold prospectors, and the two cousins do not delay to receive a purchase offer for their plot. In order to know the value of their claim and know if it conceals Gold, they launch themselves in an adventure, in a hostile country where disease, miseries and severe winters lie in wait for them.
        Arriving in the Klondike, the cousins must fight against the band of the Texan Hunter, their neighbour and rival, and above all against the passion for gold that unfortunately will contaminate Ben. Soon their plot is submerged when the creek floods, ruining their hopes.
        Nevertheless, they learn the existence of a new spot, supposed to possess the biggest gold assessment ever known: the Golden Mount or Golden Volcano, suspected to shelter a multitude of gold nuggets. Ben, won by the passion of gold and the lure of profit, uses his engineering skills to conceive a plan to divert a neighbouring river towards the depths of the volcano and to explode it, in order to spit its nuggets. After some adventures, the eruption happens, but by a stroke of bad luck, rocks, wash, ashes and nuggets all fall into the Arctic ocean.
        Thus, at the end of eight months of efforts and difficulties, the two cousins set off back to Montreal, penniless, leaving all their wealth rested at the far end of an icy sea, along with their gilded dreams.




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