Karen Rauch Carter

        Karen Rauch Carter's book MOVE YOUR STUFF, CHANGE YOUR LIFE has sold over 200,000 copies since its publication 4 years ago, and is still going strong. It was a #1 L.A. Times Bestseller, and remained at #1 for 10 weeks. It was a selection of multiple book clubs, and has sold in 6 foreign countries. It is considered by many to be the bible of the Feng Shui industry.
Karen is the feng shui “guru” for the popular women’s website iVillage.com and hosts her own popular feng shui website FengShuiPalace.com. Feng Shui Palace has won a Golden Dragon Award for feng shui website design.  Karen was a featured speaker at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and The LA Times Festival of Health. She has been a guest on over a dozen television shows (local to national) and currently has a pilot being pitched for her own feng shui makeover show.
        Karen is a licensed landscape architect and has studied tai chi, yoga, pranic healing, and parapsychology prior to beginning her studies of Black Sect style feng shui. She has professionally practiced feng shui for eleven years and has employed her talents with both interior and exterior settings.
        Karen is author of the forthcoming  FENG SHUI FIXES (Broadway Books, 2007).

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