Gus Russo

        Critically-acclaimed investigative reporter Gus Russo is author of SUPERMOB (Bloomsbury, 2005), THE OUTFIT (Bloomsbury, 2002), and of LIVE BY THE SWORD: THE SECRET WAR AGAINST CASTRO AND THE DEATH OF JFK (Bancroft Press, 1998), which received excellent reviews by The New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly and others, and was filmed by Showtime as a mini-series. Mr. Russo is also a collaborator, and co-authored GANGSTERS AND GOODFELLAS:  WISEGUYS, WITNESS PROTECTION AND LIFE ON THE RUN (M. Evans, 2004). Russo was the only one to locate and film the individuals who had a direct role in the 1960 Kennedy fix, which was used for Peter Jennings special "Dangerous World, The Kennedy Years" (1998), and much of which was used by Seymour Hersh in his chapter on the election in THE DARK SIDE OF CAMELOT.

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