Christine Hassler

        Moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment industry, Christine Hassler ultimately became a Literary Manager, working for Michael Ovitz’s multi-talent management company, Artists Management Group. By 25, she was one of the youngest executives in the industry and one of its brightest stars—and she also hated what she was doing.
       Christine decided to change the course of her life. She began her own business, helping people actualize their physical potential and overcome obstacles. As a result of her personal experience with quarter-life crisis, she began a support group for twenty-something women in Los Angeles, hoping she would welcome 10 women to meet once every other month. Little did she know the demand there was: the group now consists of over 30 women, meeting every other week.
       Christine graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Television and Film/Communication Studies, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. She currently continues to work as a group facilitator.
       She is author of the forthcoming book, TWENTY SOMETHING, TWENTY EVERYTHING (New World Library, 2005).  You can visit her site at

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