Donald Rawley

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    The late Donald Rawley is considered one of the finest literary talents to come out of Los Angeles.  He was the author of the novel THE NIGHT BIRD CANTATA (Avon/Bard Books in the US and Flamingo/HarperCollins in the UK), SLOW DANCE ON THE FAULT LINE (stories) (Avon/Bard Books in the US and Flamingo/HarperCollins in the UK), TINA IN THE BACK SEAT (stories) (Avon/Bard Books), THE VIEW FROM BABYLON (essays) (Warner Books), and THE END OF MISS KIND, his final, brilliant, novella, to be published posthumously by Flamingo/HarperCollins in the UK.  A former contributing editor at Buzz Magazine, Mr. Rawley was published in a wide array of prestigious magazines, including The New Yorker, Harpers, Story, American Short Fiction, Yellow Silk, Press and The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and twice made the "Distinguished 100" list in BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES. An award-winning poet and successful screenwriter, he also published four books of poetry and wrote three screenplays, all of which are under option and now in development as feature films. He recently won a Pushcart Prize for fiction and carried endorsements from Jerry Stahl, Kate Braverman and Sandra Tsing Loh. He resided in Los Angeles and passed away in May of 1998.

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