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Carol Bly

    A staple of midwestern literature, Carol Bly is one of America's more prominent literary women writers. Novelist, story writer and essayist, she is the author of many books, including THE TOMCAT'S WIFE (stories) (HarperCollins), LETTERS FROM THE COUNTRY (essays) (HaperCollins, Penguin), BACKBONE (stories) (Milkweed), CHANGING THE BULLY WHO RULES THE WORLD (essasy) (Milkweed), and most recently, MY LORD BAG OF RICE (stories) (Milkweed) and BEYOND THE WRITER'S WORKSHOP (Anchor Vintage).   Three of her stories were made into a critically-acclaimed movie, RACHEL RIVER, an she has received prestigious awards, honors, endorsements and glowing reviews from virtually every major publication.

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